About Us

I started CLOUDEATER with the simple idea of making skirts in bold, thoughtful prints with excellent pockets that look good with band t-shirts. Having lived in South London for most of the last 15 years, Dutch Wax was an obvious place to start. Sundays in South London are full of Dutch Wax fabric. West African women dressed in exquisite head-to-toe ensembles on their way to church bearing tupperwares stuffed with food to share. I have always enjoyed the defiance of this glorious procession, its protest against drabness and its communal peacocking. 

I know that wearing certain colour combinations can transform your mood and that garments can be catalysts for change. Clothing can telegraph interests, eccentricities, tribal associations, and musical taste. Clothes can give you permission to experiment with different aspects of yourself. And most importantly, your clothes shouldn't restrict what you can do or otherwise get in your way.

My lofty vision for CLOUDEATER is to inject some colour and intrigue into the world and to make clothes that inspire people to be more themselves and do more of what they love to do. Clothes that encourage rather than inhibit movement and that facilitate all manner of adventures, shenanigans, and capers. My first design, The Cloud Skirt, has been rigorously tested for fence climbing, sofa napping, sauntering, light yoga, and picnicking.

Keeping my operations sustainable and supporting my local scene are essential, otherwise what’s the point? Most of my materials come from two local shops and everything is made to a soundtrack of public arts radio.

This is definitely and defiantly slow fashion.